Pleased to meet you!

I've just completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Michigan State University, and will soon be pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at UCLA.

Random interests include composing orchestral music, reading books, and watching cooking videos.

Undergraduate Researcher, Advisor: Dr. Mi Zhang

September 2017 - May 2018

During this experience, I created a passive data sensing application for Android using device sensors and Fitbit API.
In addition, I built a web application with Node.js and D3.js for data visualization of participant data.

Undergraduate Researcher, Advisor: Dr. Vishnu Boddeti

September 2017 - December 2017

For this experience, I created a program for calculting two dimensional convolutions using dense real valued filters and sparse binary filters.
I also implemented an optimized sparse binary convolution operation via PyTorch Tensors.

Software Engineer Intern, Rockwell Collins

May 2017 - August 2017

I collaborated on prototyping Aeronautical Telecom Network (ATN) packets over Internet Protocol Suite.
I also built programs for assembly and disassembly of ATN packets, and ran extensive testing on sequences of ATN packet transmissions.

Student at Michigan State University

Graduated May 2018

I was graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2018 with high honors, attaining a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
Over the course of these four years, I have taken classes in biometrics, artificial intelligence, operating systems, and more.


CSE Capstone Project

We are a team of five students that created a web platform supporting the video interview process with automated emotion and sentiment analysis via Azure and Kairos.


Data Visualization of Student Behaviors

Under the supervision of Dr. Mi Zhang (MSU ECE), I built a web application in Node.js and D3.js to visualize anonymized data tracked by their smartphones and Fitbit (i.e. location, battery usage, sleep).


2017 Spartahack

A team of 5 of us created an application for retrieving student information from our own university's People Finder and linked it to an Amazon Alexa. It was an incredibly fun 36 hours.